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Tutorial [Tut]Best Botting Spots

Discussion in 'GMS Guides/Tutorials' started by Master, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Master Well-Known Member

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    Best Botting Spots
    Level 22-30
    Crows(flying Mob)
    level 30-40
    Crows(flying mob),skeledog, Jr. Sentinel, Jr. Cellion
    level 40-45
    Paper Latern Ghost, Jr.Pepe
    Level 45-50
    Truckers,Brown Teddy, Pepe
    level 50-60
    Truckers,Brown Teddy, Pepe, Training Bellflowers, Propelly(flying mob)
    level 60-65
    Water Goblin, Tweeter(flying mob),Mateon
    level 65-70
    Mateon, Scuba Pepe, Desert Rabbit
    level 70-75
    Chronos, ear plug heads
    level 75-80
    Meercat, Sand Rat
    level 80-90
    Tippo Blue/red
    level 90-95
    Tippo Blue/Red, Selkie Jr.(Ghost Ship), Slimy(Ghost ship)
    level 95-100
    Soul Teddies, Mr Anchor
    level 100-105
    Hobi, Dark Rash
    Level 106-110
    Hankie, Dark Rash
    level 110-115
    Death Teddies
    level 115-120
    Death Teddies, Kentaurus
    level 120-125
    Phantom Watches
    level 125-130
    Phantom Watches, Red Dragon Turtles
    level 130-135
    Rexton, Lycanthrope, Red Dragon turtles
    level 135-140
    Green Cornian, Wyverns
    Level 140-145
    Dark Cornian, Time Temple
    Level 145+
    Time Temple

    maybe the Credits
    i am not sure

    By Me :​

    USE MMC for Fly Mob​
    USE Perfect Kami For non fly mob​
    Auto CC 60 Sec​
    Auto ppl 0​
    if u use Kami make sure ur not on mob while attack them​
    get Y location up of mob​
    for example​

    This is mob ( X )​
    and this you ( Y )​

    that mean if the mob walk not fly be sure to set this​
    X = 0​
    Y = Depend on Monster high just test​
    he should not be able to attack u​
    i will post screen for this soon​

    i am
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  2. Indigo Off-Topic King

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    Suggestions. @Master
    - Make the font bigger
    - Change the yellow color, I cannot read it
    - Did you make this guide, a lot of these spots are not very good.
  3. Blue Fire Pit Queen Counting Heartbeats

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    You forogot bains
  4. ageofmyth2 The living legend, and husband of the Cookie

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    I would suggest adding what hacks should be used at each spot (MMC, Kami, etc). And also warnings in case some are hotspots for players and GMs.
  5. Master Well-Known Member

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    1- Done
    2- Done
    3- this is the best spots low chance of ban ( but its can be ban if u use some thing wrong ) i test this spots fast leveling ..
    <BR>--- merged: Aug 18, 2011 9:59 PM ---</BR>
    this spot not very hotsposts for players and GM i train at this plac
    but it can bring GM to you if u use any thing else i will add soon what should u use
    MMC / Kami / etc
    just need time ..
  6. Xunia New Member

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    pixies from 30-40 is really good due to high spawn rate

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