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RotMG - For dummies! (Starter guide)

Discussion in 'ROTMG Guides/Tutorials' started by Gratin, May 26, 2012.

  1. Gratin Well-Known Member

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    Gratin's RotMG Guide For Dummies!

    Step 1 :​
    This is the full COMPLETE guide to rotmg :
    Realm of the Mad God | Wild Shadow Forums
    The End.

    Not really the end, but seriously if you are an absolute complete just starting the game noob go there.

    Part 1 (For Realz): "Currency"
    Okay as most of you know, the currency of the game is stat potions. Defense potions are the main currency. People list items as x number of defense potions, even though your not buying them with defense potions. If an item is 100+ defense potions, hell no. You can't give them 100 defense potions! You only have 8 slots! Well the answer is you trade the defense potions for other items that are worth more. Such as life potions. At the moment, life potions are around 4-5 defense potions. So you can work your ass off for hours-days to get a life potion, then again, and again, until you have 8 life potions. Now you have 8 life potions, since 8 * 4.5 = 36 you have 36 def potions (theoretically). Lets say you want to buy a Coral Bow which is 32-37 def (~7-7.5 life potions).
    Here is a link to a pretty updated price guide, that I personally use :https://forums.wildshadow.com/node/171801?page=5#bows

    Part 2 : "Godlands Farming"
    So for godlands farming this was the hardest part for me. If you have no items, the easiest way to start is to be a priest. Priests have a longer life span than any other character I've played. They can heal, and do quite a bit of damage while staying back further away from the gods. At level 1 with no items you have 2 choices :
    Choice 1 :
    Go to the godlands at level 1 with a big train staying near the back, and looting some gear untill level 20. (In my opinion choice 2 is better).
    Choice 2 : Go around moving further and further inland while killing all your quest targets and everything on the way. Collect gear and stock up on Mana Pots. Then, when you reach level 10-15 (wherever you feel safer), go to the godlands and find a train. Stay near the train and once you get to 15 keep near the front of it. Pickup whatever soulbound loot you can get to upgrade your priest gear. After you've reached level 20, and have at least a Dark Wand, an Illusionist robe, a salvation tome (rejuvination, or renewing is highly reccomended), you can start soloing. Now, dodge as MANY projectiles as you can, and whenever they shoot back up and then go forward and back up. Repeat untill the god is dead. Only solo gods that are in groups of 1-3, and no higher. Once you get better gear like a Death Wand, Robe of the Master, and a tome of renewing you can solo without any trains. Pick up any potions you see (they come in bright blue bags). Also, pick up items you see on the price guide above. You will die a many deaths keep stocking up potions until you get this setup : Shadow wand, (Either this is a very rare drop, or you cannot get it from godlands so you have to trade for it) Renewing tome (Rare drop; Loot it or trade for it), Robe of the master (Rare drop; Loot or trade for it), Ring of Paramount Wisdom/Ring of Exalted wisdom (Para Wis = Rare drop; Loot or trade for it; Exa Wis Isn't a drop from godlands you must buy it)
    Current prices for these items :
    Wand of Deep Sorcery : 1 Speed Potion
    Tome of renewing : 1 Speed Potion
    Robe of the master : 1 Speed potion
    Paramount Wisdom : 1 Speed Potion
    Exalted Wisdom : 1 Attack Potion
    Part 3 : "Maxing a stat"
    Now that you have that setup, and your gaining all these stat pots, you must be wondering what to do with them? First of all you want to create ANOTHER level 20 priest that you will NEVER farm on until it has a few max stats. (see part 4 mules on how to make 2 characters). Now trade anything you get that you don't need for defense pots, then drink those defense pots on the new level 20 priest. You will need 25 defense pots. After you've drank 25 defense pots you will have your first max stat on your character! After this you will want to trade for Dexterity potions. The Cap level for Dexterity is : 50 for a priest, but don't worry you don't need 50 dexterity potions. You will level up your dexterity level while you level up your character to level 20. (NOTE : Anything after this point may be subject to change as I am just almost getting max defense the rest is from assumption / other guides) After you have the cap stats for Defense, and Dexterity, you can start farming with this priest. You can also wait until you have more maxed stats. But then after farming with this priest you should be getting a noticeably larger amount of stat pots. You can at this point max every skill on the priest and buy better equipment or start maxing another class. Who knows.
    Part 4 : "Mules"
    Mules are player made accounts that hold/store extra items that can't fit on one account. Another reason I use mules for are to make a new character such a new priest to farm godlands, while feeding pots to the priest on my main account so it doesn't die. A good way to make mules (without having to create a new email to prevent people getting into your account) is to make an email such as [email protected]
    The End
    Thank you for reading my guide, I know its pretty crappy but I spent a few hours on this + playing the game for experience in it. I mainly made this guide, to...well how should I put it... Introduce myself to the community? ummm To basically get my name out there that I joined the community, and that I will definitely be doing more stuff in the future. A kick-start project. Anyways I hope you enjoyed. : )

    (note once you are more skilled at dodging you may try other classes that do more damage such as: Necromancer, Wizard, Huntress, Archer.(in order of easiness to play) for faster potions assuming you aren't nexusing every 10 seconds.)
  2. Ethann SG Donator

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    Great guide, I'll be sure to use this in the future. :)
  3. balrajrox Active Member

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    price guide doesn't work:fail:
    --- merged: Jun 14, 2012 11:18 AM ---
    but i love the guide:smile: it is awesome:rly:
    --- merged: Jun 14, 2012 11:21 AM ---
    Page not found

    The requested page could not be found.
  4. iHobo Well-Known Member

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  5. dhdarren Active Member

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    ok, kazansky's price guide link did break, but kazansky made another link: price guide. ihobo's link will also work, but it will not be updated.
  6. johnnypoop New Member

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    1. For slightly more skilled dummies (oh the irony), necromancers seems to do better in godlands (higher damage, potentially higher healing). Or even, unpotted wizards (spellbomb = insta-soulbound button) can do pretty well.

    2. Kazansky's Price Guide has not been updated at all since 7 July.

    3. Ignoring those 2 (superficial) points raised above, this guide is awesome!
  7. zexxo17 New Member

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    Thats a great guide to get items ! Why didnt i use it before :mad: well i got 6 character slots and all vault chests. im duping so i dont need it anymore but keep it up like this !
  8. Gratin Well-Known Member

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    1 : I just like priest better because there are less screwups and trips to the nexus.
    2 : This guide hasn't been updated since before then XD

    Anyways I appreciate this being an important post :)

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