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MapleNinja Bot with full Bypass

Discussion in 'Outdated Hacks/Bots' started by nick dualBlade, Nov 22, 2012.

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  1. nick dualBlade New Member

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    Supported OS:Microsoft Windows System (2000/2003/XP/Vista/7/8 32 and 64 bits)
    Current safe anti-bot check version;
    Download: MapleNinja

    If you are having problems, please read these troubleshoot options.

    WARNING: You might get banned because of botting, use at your own risk!!!

    If you cannot get MapleNinja to work, you need to set MapleStory.exe, GameLauncher.exe, and LoginMgr.exe to have Administrator privileges.

    You need to have "C:\Nexon\MapleStory\" as your only MapleStory installation directory.

    MapleNinja is different for everyone, there is no universal fix if you are having problems.

    If you are disconnecting when using the Auto Sell/Buy Settings (open)

    If you use Auto Sell/Buying make sure in your "Item" tab, that all your "Untradeable" items are set to either "Keep" or "No Pick".

    How to set up Item Filter (open)

    Once you login to a character, in the "item" tab there will be a list of IDs and names of stuff you have in your inventory, you double-click the item you want to filter, if you filter all etc items and set them to "No Pick". For example, if you're going to bot orange mushrooms, they drop orange mushroom caps, you would go to the "Item" tab in MapleNinja, find "Orange Mushroom Cap" double-click till it said "No Pick", then press the button "Save Filter List", head over to the "Shop" tab and tick the box that says "Drop filtered items", then head over to the "General" tab (far left) and tick "Item Filter", at the bottom of the trainer press save, then start botting. Once you're botting Orange Mushroom Caps won't drop anymore (on your screen), and you won't loot them either.

    How NDFA works (open)

    NDFA is NoDelayFinalAttack. You must have a character who has Final Attack or Advanced Final Attack, you must have points in this passive skill. Attacking will trigger Final Attack and adds additional attacks after your previous attack, with more points in Advanced/Final Attack your chances to proc will be increased. With NoDelayFinalAttack, once It's activated it will attack with only Final Attack, making you attack fast.

    If MobVAC Isn't VAC'ing (open)

    Also if you haven't known, if other Maplers are in the same map, it messes up the VAC.
    If the map is too large, such as aliens you may have to have TWO different positioned coordinates, preferably a coordinate towards the middle-top of the zone (where mob platforms are) and towards the middle-bottom of the zone, set both the coordinates, press save and try starting the bot then.

    Pip 's MapleNinja Guide


    ChangeLog (open)

    update for v132.1.3
    * removed Fusion Attack (Still fixing)
    * fix FMA disconnected problem
    * released FMA + IV function (beta) support many new charactors and skills
    * fix TMPG(PG) for all mage
    * fix and update ninja taxi for some map-to-map link crash problem
    Update for v132.1.2
    *fixed PIC login error
    *fixed jump down DC*fusion attack (has been patched still fixing)
    *update login speed (should be faster login now)
    *TMPG (PG) only worked for Bishop & I/L Mage

    Update for v132.1.1
    *ByPass 132.1.1

    Update for v131.1.2
    *fixed selecting charater error
    *fixed used unlimited arrow cause gND CS
    *add TMPG

    Update for v131.1.1
    *ByPass 131.1.1

    Update for v130.1.6b*fixed windows 8 64 bits crash

    Update for v130.1.6
    *fixed Gnd for more skills and characters (beta), for ranging or charging characters need to hold arrows/bullets/stars in item inventories
    *fixed Dupex vac
    *fixed jump down DC
    *add windows 8 support

    Update for v130.1.5
    *add Kami
    *Fix Auto CC smooth

    Update for v130.1.4c
    *added more skills supported for GnD
    *added passive function of unlimited MP
    Update for v130.1.4b
    * fixed GnD for rangering and charging skill/jobs, fixed Mage/Magician jobs/skills
    * fixed Damage Hack DC and been blocked for some characters and skills

    Update for v130.1.4
    * fixed GnD for DC often, 0 ms workable (some jobs or skills need to test and fixed/added)
    * added unlimited buff
    * added damage hack
    * added mouse walk/fly
    * added Reactor Dem

    Update for v130.1.3
    * added passive function of Magnus Godmode (can also turn on the Mod no Counterattack & Mod disarm, so the boss won't att you)

    Update for v130.1.2b
    * Change name of "skill no delay" to "General no delay" (GND)
    * Fix FMA auto banned, only functioning for some certain skill and characters. (item loot not available yet)

    Update for v130.1.2
    * Add Fusion Att
    * Fix Auto CC per seconds (timed CC= timed change channel, timed market= timed cash shop, timed auction pls ignored)

    Update for v130.1.1
    * ByPass 130.1.1

    Update for v129.2.1
    * ByPass 129.2
    * GND added (not only in F11 mod can used, just setting in bot/skill no delay)
    * Kaiser Morph no delay added
    Update for v128.1.1
    * ByPass 128.1.1
    * NDFA added
    * Angelic Buster Auto Banned Fixed

    Update for V127.2.2
    * Fixing Multimaple bug

    Update for v127.2.1
    * ByPass 127.2

    Update for v126.1.2
    * Fixed CPU Hack D/C

    Update for v126.1.1
    * BYPass 126.1

    Update for v125.1.3
    * Fixed FMA got auto A/B problem, FMA do not need CC every 60 seconds (users pls feedback the problem of FMA, thx)
    * Fix CPU Hack to reduce more cpu loading
    * Fix DC and CC/CS problem

    Update for V125.1.2
    * Adjust General function for less DC when attack manaully
    * Move FMA to Non-safe Area and please do not use FMA for ALL charactors
    * Taxi fixed for Edelstein fly to anywhere. Orbis to El Nath also tested ok. NPC of Mu Lung fly point fixed as well.

    Update for v125.1
    * BYPass 125.1
    * Don't Use FMA function!! It would be cause your game account Ban by NEXON.

    Update for v124.2.1
    * BYPass 124.2.1

    Update for v124.1.2
    * Fixed XP operating system problem

    Update for v124.1.1
    * Fixed Taxi problem from Orbis to El Nath (not fix full taxi problem yet)

    Update for v123.1c
    * Fixed the FMA(beta) function on Gereral page (manual botting use), tested on the Evan already
    * Fixed under XP OS running mapleninja problem (pls try and report back)

    Update for v123.1b
    * Add FMA(beta) function on Gereral page (manual botting use)
    * Disable "Infinited Shoot" & "2X shoot" for fixing
    * Add FMA (under Work mode) on Bot page (auto botting use)
    * Add Dupex Y ___ on Bot page (auto botting use)
    * Add Auto AP function on Bot page (auto botting use)

    *** we only tested FMA for the following skills:
    1. Ice Strike, Mage (ice, lighting)
    2. Fire Breath & Earthquake, Evan
    3. Calling cards & Blason, Phantom
    4. Barrel Bomb, Cannon Master

    For system stability reason, please download and run with the newest version of MapleNinja Bot [​IMG]


    Virus Scan:
    Antivirus scan for cfc6e83f4188071015250b605eb9860b at 2012-11-21 09:44:11 UTC - VirusTotal

    -How To start-
    1.download extract.
    2.Open folder run login manager as admin
    3.fill in auto acc login make sure start bot on login is ticked then add save
    4.mapleninja bot should pop open wait for it to log you in
    5.Happy Hacking
    -How To Use-
    1.when in game press f11 to start/stop bot(make sure you click on maplestory screen everytime you f11 so it starts/stops it
    2.in maplestory main atk will be on ctrl
    3.go to auto keys on your bot and youll see full godmode and god per seconds DO NOT CLICK FULL GODMODE doesnt work when botting put 5000 on god per sec and click mp pots
    4.go to the bot tab go to etc click pickup loots if you wanna make sure you are in a map you wanna vac in
    on the bot youll see working coords under etc and click add then below on the bottom click save as and then press save and if it doesnt start just click on the maple window then press f11
    5.Profit fool:)
    i hope i can help every1 stride in usin this amazing bot lol
  2. nick dualBlade New Member

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  3. gnathen (:Your Favorite Brony:) Staff Member

    Likes Received:
    Approved! :D
    Already tested this, it is clean, and works correctly.
    nick dualBlade likes this.
  4. wmbrown18 Pro Liker

    Likes Received:
    This is thes best hack in the world. No lie. Use it all the time. Didn't know we could upload it here bc I don't see it anywhere else but that site

    Just letting you guys know this is sorta difficult to use so you'll have to get use to it :p
    zelda5, Nordin and nick dualBlade like this.
  5. Michael Lawrence New Member

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    whats the password?
  6. gnathen (:Your Favorite Brony:) Staff Member

    Likes Received:
    There is no password, re-download...
  7. nick dualBlade New Member

    Likes Received:
    the extract password is www mapleninja .us and if it asks for a password for login manager like for some reason it did its the same password lol
  8. iAmClown Well-Known Member

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    Can you explain how good it is? Because what if it's a waste of time if you can't use it properly?
    --- merged: Nov 23, 2012 at 1:41 PM ---
    Can you explain how good it is? Because what if it's a waste of time if you can't use it properly?
    But it looks really cool though nice find...
    nick dualBlade likes this.
  9. nick dualBlade New Member

    Likes Received:
    i jus updated post and i hope it will help cuz im nooooo good at explaining things but jus follow step by step and mess around with the bot and youll love it:)
  10. D-Wiz Well-Known Member

    Likes Received:
    this is like a less updated version of BT hacks...only this is free.
    beautiful work.

    btw, to use skills, just tick the 120 intervals and put your skills on the appropriate number slots.
  11. khang123 New Member

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    so what is the website for that hack?
  12. Aisaka Well-Known Member

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    awwww. It's finally out :(
    wmbrown18 likes this.
  13. LopoLepe Active Member

    Likes Received:
    when i try to run loginmgr.exe it says "sorry, this application cannot run under a virtual machine." any clue on how to fix this?
  14. gnathen (:Your Favorite Brony:) Staff Member

    Likes Received:
    Um, don't run under a virtual machine? What OS are you using?
  15. LopoLepe Active Member

    Likes Received:
    windows 7 64bit
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