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[1.2.5] Simply Horses Mod

Discussion in 'MineCraft' started by StriK.eR, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. StriK.eR Me so shady

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    For more information and downloads go here.
    Alright! Today I bring you "Simply Horses" Mod by Lil Avii!
    I usually do posts on Yogscast Mod Spotlights as they get into the mod and I quite enjoy watching their videos :).

    Well this isn't like Mo' Creatures with their horses because this one I think is a little more complex and the horses are like real and they're realistic? They have herds and there's the Stallion the like male leader of the herd and the Mare which is the female leader of the herd. They will attack you when you get close to the heard as you try to lasso a horse and tame them. They simply head put you which does about a heart and a half.

    You can lasso horses which is how you tame them, and well it takes awhile which makes this much more complex than Mo' Creatures where you can just feed the horse apples and tame them. You need to lasso them and you can lasso them and then tie them to a fence and well after awhile you "break" them and they're your horse and you can ride them.

    They also graze (when they're lassoed to a fence) , they eat grass like sheep.
    You can craft horse shoes and depending on the horse shoe you may have a different type of horse.

    Watch the video by the Yogscast and read the thread for more information about this mod!

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