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[1.2.5] Mind Control Hat - Explosives+ Mod

Discussion in 'MineCraft' started by StriK.eR, May 1, 2012.

  1. StriK.eR Me so shady

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    For more information and downloads read the original thread here.

    Today I bring you Explosives+, but a special part of Explosives+, the Mind Control Hat!
    Simple really! You can control the minds or passive or even hostile mobs. Although, for some of the mobs such as the snowman or the zombie their AI is a bit funky :p, when you control a zombie it kind of starts automatically banging on doors. Also the zombie automatically attacks testificates when you're near them, but you need to go after the right one :p. You might go after another but the zombie AI is aimed at another so you won't be able to attack that testificate. And for the snowman you cannot shoot snowballs until you're attacked or near a hostile mob. Some other mobs have glitched or weird AI's but watch the video to find out more :).

    ALSO, if you mind control a mob twice it WILL BLOW UP! That's part of the Explosives+ Mod :p. So they're technically walking bombs.
  2. Sebby The One and Only!

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